CRE’s Statement on Hate, Violence, and Prejudice

November 2, 2018

CRE stands with our partners and clients to speak out against the increased hate, violence, and attacks on democracy over the past weeks.

We’ve seen racist murders in Kentucky, pipe bombs mailed to public figures across the country, and the killing of 11 people in an anti-Semitic attack in Pennsylvania. There are ongoing attempts to roll back basic civil rights – from a threat to legislate away the rights of trans, intersex, and nonbinary people to systematic voter disenfranchisement across multiple states. All of these are demonstrations of hate and prejudice that have no place in our democracy or our world.

Our clients and nonprofits across the country are working together to counter discrimination and make the U.S. a safe and fair place to live and work. We support these efforts and are proud to be working alongside them to create a strong and equitable civil society.

As we in the nonprofit sector continue this work, the most effective and immediate way for all of us to take action for equity and safety is to vote this November 6 and encourage our families, friends, and neighbors to do the same.

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