CRE Honors Indigenous Peoples’ Day

October 12, 2020

As our nation continues to reckon with the pernicious legacies of colonialism and racial injustice,  we know we must stand firm in our values to advance equity. We must commit to putting forth narratives that uphold dignity and truth for the communities that history has tried to eviscerate through oppression and domination. On Indigenous Peoples’ Day this year, we at CRE stand proud with our indigenous colleagues – leaders, activists, and community allies – who remain steeped in the struggle for civil rights and recognition of a powerful history that was FIRST in this country. We must put forth narratives that honor the contributions and powerful history of native people. This is what our nonprofit community stands for, especially now when so much is at stake.

As we pause together to honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we at CRE also share our commitment to our nonprofit communities led by and serving indigenous communities. We vow to:

  1. Commit to learning a more truthful history of indigenous people in North America and right here in our local communities.
  2. Include indigenous voices and identities in our own work for racial equity and justice.
  3. Call on our funders to represent and support organizations led by and serving communities that represent indigenous people. 

We hope you will join us and stand alongside us in this work.

In solidarity,



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