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Ramona Thomas



Meet Ramona. Ramona is an entrepreneurial leader who has held management and consultant positions in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. She has extensive experience in education, philanthropy, and nonprofit management, particularly in developing and implementing new initiatives from the ground up.

Find out a little more. Ramona brings over 20 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector. Previously, Ramona consulted with national nonprofit organizations as an Interim Executive Director, Senior Researcher, Knowledge Management Specialist, and Evaluator. She spent 13 years in traditional foundations and venture philanthropy firms where she was responsible for managing a portfolio of grants and investments and evaluating program outcomes. Ramona has a strong passion for helping nonprofits measure and share their impact. Ramona holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Brown University and a doctorate in higher education from the University of Pennsylvania, where she received the Phi Delta Kappa Award for Outstanding Dissertation in the Graduate School of Education. Her doctoral training focused on higher education, quantitative research methods, and program evaluation.

A little bit more. Ramona is an award-winning chocolatier. She piloted a radio talk show once upon a time. She treasures spending time with family and friends, and loves traveling to new destinations.

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