Majora Carter

President, MCG Consulting LLC

How old is your organization? 11 years
What sector do you work in? Real Estate Development
How long have you been working in this sector? 20 years
How long have you been with your current organization? 11 years

What has been the most significant development in your sector over the last 40 years?
The tide of white flight out of urban America has reversed and now there is a multigenerational competition for urban real estate.

Describe a key event (local, national, global) that has impacted your sector in the last 40 years?
Pre-2009 home ownership rate in the South Bronx dropped from just under 20% to 7% today.

How has the conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion shaped your organization over the past 40 years (or since it was founded during this time until now)?
People seem to use the term “equity” all the time now. It’s annoying. Equity is an actual piece of the deal, a percentage, but it’s used like a feel-good term signifying nothing. When you have equity, you have skin in the game and you get a piece on the sale or revenue depending on the deal – which is on paper and looked over by lawyers, and real.

What is the single greatest challenge you face today in your sector?
Lack of capital access to minority and female developers.

What opportunities exist now for nonprofits to break through into success that did not exist 40 years ago?

What leadership qualities are necessary to succeed as a nonprofit executive today?
Independent wealth, courage, and other career options on deck.

What will nonprofits need to do to remain relevant and necessary to their clients over the next 40 years?
Seed and support minority-owned businesses.

What are some of the trends you’re seeing today that will impact your nonprofit and your sector in the future?
Growing White/minority wealth gap, and demographic gap.

What skills do you believe are necessary for people to succeed as managers over the next few decades?
Pay no attention to social media haters.

Where would you like to see your sector in 40 years?

How do you see your sector’s needs changing in the next 40 years?
Buildable land along mass transit will need to be expanded.

If you were just starting out in your sector today, what advice would the person you are today give to the “newbie”?
Get to know the person/position on the other side of the table very well. Don’t assume they “should” do, think, or react in any particular way until you know what are the pressures they are facing, so that you can craft your offer to fit their landscape.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in your career?
Racial and gender bias.

What do you want your work culture to be like?

Name three qualities that are inherent in being a strong leader.
Thick skin, transparency, sense of humor.

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