CRE has been partnering with nonprofit organizations for over 35 years.  We provide the support and tools needed to ensure effective leadership, high performing staff, financial stability, and impactful programs so that organizations can better serve their communities. We help our clients make tangible improvements in the way they work so they can focus on improving people’s lives.

We understand that each organization is different, and our consulting, coaching, peer-based learning, and training reflect that. Our team is deeply familiar with the communities our clients serve and the challenges nonprofits face, enabling us to create pragmatic, customized solutions. At the same time, we embrace new trends and approaches so our clients can benefit from innovation in the social change space.

All of our engagements follow a clear process


We determine if and how we can be helpful in addressing your organization’s needs. We agree on goals, desired outcomes, and how we will do the work. We work in partnership to achieve the shared goals within an agreed timeline. We ask you how you think we did and suggest next steps that can be taken independently to ensure sustainable success.
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