Robin Hood/NYCT/UJA Collaborative

Robin Hood/NYCT/UJA Collaborative - CRE


As the nation battles the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit leaders are looking for strategic guidance to understand the immediate and long-term impacts for their organization, staff, and communities. 

Community Resource Exchange (CRE) is honored to be part of the Robin Hood/NYCT/UJA Collaborative and is thrilled to offer our capacity building services for grantees through this program. Our offerings under this program provide organizational development support for nonprofits and community-based organizations (CBOs) as they navigate the short- and longer-term challenges of COVID-19 and its impacts.

Below is an overview of these offerings, along with links for you to register to participate.

Webinar Series

Please note – we encourage two participants from each organization to join a webinar so that the learnings can be more easily applied to the organization’s work going forward. In addition, each webinar will be recorded and made available for future viewing on CRE’s website.

Risk Management and Scenario Planning – Thursday, July 16, 2 pm – 4 pm

This webinar provides an overview of CRE’s framework for risk engagement and practical approaches to scenario planning during the pandemic and its associated impacts. Register Now

Scenario Budgeting  – Thursday, July 23, 2 pm – 4 pm

This webinar applies scenario planning assumptions to organization-specific budgets, starting with a case study and helping organizations think through how to apply it to their organizational finances. Register Now

Managing Layers of HR-Related Crisis – Thursday, August 6, 2 pm – 4 pm

Using a resiliency and strengths-based framework, this offering provides strategies and tools to manage layers of crisis that face nonprofits, with a focus on addressing the compounding crises such as racial inequities, trauma, grief, staff mental health, and organizational transitions. Register Now

Strategic Alliances and Mergers – Thursday, August 13, 2 pm – 4 pm

This webinar helps organizations explore the different types of partnership opportunities that exist, as well as the rationale for, and ways to start, approaching them. Register Now

Measuring Success in Uncertain Times – Thursday, September 3, 2 pm – 4 pm

This webinar introduces an approach for reviewing and refining outcomes measurements to reflect the current reality of nonprofits and communities navigating the crisis. Register Now


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