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CRE knows that nonprofits operate in a complex environment and works with them to prioritize impact and sustainability as they grow. We use customized assessment tools and methods to determine what changes an organization should implement, when, and why.  We partner with them to achieve these results, paying close attention to what is required to realize and manage change. Whether it is board development, HR management, or risk assessment, our team’s extensive knowledge paired with our practical approach allows nonprofits to achieve stronger results.
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Board Development

CRE moves boards beyond a sole focus on roles and responsibilities to active engagement in planning for the future sustainability, impact, and reach of their organizations.

Whether a board has newly come together to support an emerging organization, is in transition towards growth, or is a long-established team, CRE can help it achieve its full leadership and governance potential.

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Organizational Assessment

CRE helps clients assess their operations and performance, ultimately supporting them to identify the most effective organization and governing structure.

We do this by looking at various functions and operations within an organization to determine strengths and where to focus improvements. This can include exploring growth and downsizing scenarios, clarifying leadership, staff and board roles, and assessing if individuals need training or preparation for new responsibilities and working relationships, among other things.

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Risk Engagement

CRE’s risk engagement practice is intended to lead nonprofits towards improved and then sustained organizational health.

All engagements within this practice begin with a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s vulnerability to a variety of risks through a digital tool, the CRE Fitness Test (CREFT), designed to help nonprofits proactively and holistically identify organizational risks.  After an organization has taken CREFT, CRE partners with its leaders to identify vulnerabilities and make plans to mitigate these potential risks.

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Change Management

CRE helps nonprofit leaders and managers navigate change, whether planned or unplanned, or internal or external changes.

We work with clients to address barriers to change and move their change agenda to successful implementation. Because of our experience with all aspects of organizational development, we provide a strategic and holistic lens to our change management consultations.


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Financial Management

CRE assists organizations in developing sound financial systems that inform program decisions and ensure long-term stability.

This can include analyzing program and administrative costs, developing accurate budgets, integrating the budget process in planning and fundraising efforts, determining financial staffing needs, and establishing clear systems for bookkeeping and accounting.

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Human Resource Management

CRE helps organizations in developing and implementing human resource systems that are at scale with each group’s size, needs, culture, budget, and potential.

These recommendations help nonprofits strengthen potential weak links in their internal structures, determine appropriate staffing levels, improve their performance management practices, and ensure that their structure supports their business and program models.

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Implementation Support

CRE assists organizations with execution once strategy has been developed, to ensure that intended goals are achieved.

This can take the form of light-touch coaching and advising or deeper implementation support, all to ensure an organization is stronger as it moves forward.

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