Strengthen management skills for emerging leaders.

CRE’s High Performing Managers Initiative (HPMI) is a series of eight (8) interactive sessions over six months for mid-level managers of nonprofit organizations and government agencies. It will give you the tools and strategies to tackle leadership issues and propel your career forward. In HPMI, you will collaborate with peers in small groups to share experiences and problem solve. We will come together to discuss practical tools you can use at your organization to help your team reach its goals. You will also have the opportunity to reflect on your development through real-time input from course participants, as well as through feedback gathered from colleagues at your organization. Plus, every participant will receive two (2) one-on-one coaching sessions to review team feedback and focus on individual needs.

These sessions will be hybrid — a combination of in-person sessions, as well as virtual sessions via Zoom. (Please kindly note that depending on the state of public health crises, the in-person sessions may be held virtually instead.)


What You’ll Experience

▪   Discovering the Self: Deepen your understanding of your strengths and how to harness them as a manager using 360° feedback assessment from peers, managers, and supervisees within your organization.

▪   Coaching: Unlock your wisdom as a leader. During two (2) one-on-one conversations with a CRE Coach, you will review your 360° feedback and identify how to apply these insights into your work. Many of our coaches are certified in healing-centered coaching from Blooming Willow Coaching and the International Coaching Federation.

▪   Issue Discussions: Participants will engage in four large-group sessions with no more than 25 participants, including topics from the successful transition to being a supervisor and managing workplace relationships, to delegating effectively and leading with authenticity. At the end of each session, participants will detail concrete steps they can integrate and apply their learning.

▪   Peer Support: In small groups, participants will reflect on learnings from Issue Discussions and engage in peer problem-solving and support to accelerate learning and integration into day-to-day work at their organizations.

▪   Networking: Connect with fellow nonprofit professionals at community-building activities and gatherings held throughout the program. 


What You’ll Learn

▪   Lead and manage your team towards outcomes in times of uncertainty.

▪   Support effective collaboration within your team with remote work.

▪   Maximize your impact and influence in your organization.

▪   Strengthen your supervision skills toward developing a high-performing team.

▪   Apply a culturally competent lens to your approach to supervision and management.


Who Is This For?

▪   Emerging leaders at nonprofit organizations, ideally with at least three years of managerial experience.

▪   Mid-level managers with two or more people reporting to them, whose performance they supervise and evaluate.



Stay tuned for the application deadline. Email if you have any questions.



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