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Creating a Common Mission: Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center

Brownsville Hero

The Challenge


Located in Brooklyn’s Brownsville neighborhood, the Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center (BMS) provides comprehensive health services to more than 18,000 Brooklyn residents. Along with providing high-quality healthcare, the BMS team also works to empower the community through education, coordination, and advocacy.

BMS and CRE had already collaborated on many projects including Board development and planning. This time, BMS turned to CRE again. After growing from a handful of locations to 10, BMS was rapidly expanding. It needed greater cohesion, collaboration, and efficiency from its senior management team across these sites.

Brownsville Challenge

“CRE’s leadership development services brought us closer together as a team, which shows up in our ability to get projects done. We come to decisions faster and move more quickly toward execution. CRE made an enormous difference in accelerating the process of improving the quality and quantity of our work as a team.”

Harvey Lawrence

President & CEO, Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center

The Solution


Coaching and Training to Form a Cohesive Identity

After looking at what BMS needed, our team took action to help create a cohesive identity across the organization. We took a multi-faceted approach of training and coaching to help BMS leadership meet its goals, including:

  • A composite profile of the management team’s leadership practices, serving as a guidepost for future reflection and growth.
  • A leadership retreat for 25 BMS managers, aiming to help them recognize their patterns of interaction and improve their communication and teamwork.
  • Personalized coaching for the 8 senior managers to address internal challenges, professional goals, and practices for interdepartmental cross-collaboration.

The Impact

Brownsville Impact

By investing in these practical tools and support, the BMS team was able to increase its effectiveness across departments. And more importantly, it enabled them to expand and provide more services to more people in need. CRE shepherded the BMS team through multiple program expansions and booming financial growth, and it all started with creating a cohesive identity for the team to rally behind. 

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