Interviewing a Financial Services Provider

29 Dec 2023
2 Min
Fin Services Provider Hero
  • Tell me about your (or your firm’s) previous experience providing financial services to nonprofit organizations?
  • What is your fee structure? What is the estimated cost?
  • What are some of the greatest problems in budgeting and financial management for a nonprofit organization such as ours?
  • What suggestions do you make to address these issues?
  • What information does an Executive Director need to manage an organization’s finances?
  • What information does a Board of Directors need to fulfill its fiduciary requirements?
  • If our Center suddenly learned income will be 20 percent less than anticipated, what steps would you take, and in what order, to resolve the problem?
  • How do you typically distribute financial work between an on-site staff person and yourself (or your firm)? What work do you complete? The staff person?
  • Who will actually do the work on site? You? Someone else?
  • Who are your other nonprofit clients?

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