Interviewing a Certified Public Accountant for Your Organization

30 Dec 2023
2 Min
  • My organization’s income is $____________, are we required to have an annual review or an audit?
  • What is the estimated cost of an audit or and/or review?
  • Will the scope of work include:
    • Being available to answer accounting related questions during the year at no extra cost?
    • Making a presentation of the audit/review to the Board of
    • Directors or other management group?
    • A management letter with specific proposals on how to strengthen our fiscal systems?
    • Filing New York State’s required annual report?
    • Filing Internal Revenue Service’s annual report?
  • How large is your firm? How many CPA’s, partners and/or accountants are on staff? What percentage of the firm’s work is with nonprofit organizations?
  • Who will come to our office to actually review our records?
  • What is the likelihood we will get the same person next year?
  • How long will the audit or review process take? When can we expect to receive a completed audit or review?
  • What work will we be required to do to prepare for the audit or review?
  • What experience does your firm have with nonprofit organizations that are similar in size to ours?
  • Will you be able to provide us with a list of current clients and the names and phone numbers of three references?



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